Odu Consortium Agreement

The ODU Consortium Agreement – What You Need to Know

As a student at Old Dominion University, you may find yourself needing to take courses at another institution to complete your degree. To make this process easier, ODU has implemented a consortium agreement.

What is a consortium agreement?

A consortium agreement is a formal agreement between two or more institutions that allows students to take classes at one institution while remaining enrolled at their home institution. This is particularly helpful for students who need to take classes not offered at their home institution or who need to complete courses during a summer break.

How does the ODU consortium agreement work?

To participate in the ODU consortium agreement, you must be currently enrolled at ODU and have a valid reason for taking classes at another institution. This could be because the course you need is not offered at ODU or because you need to take a course during a summer break.

Once you have identified the course you need to take at another institution, you must complete an ODU consortium agreement form. This form outlines the terms of the agreement, including the course you will be taking and the institution where you will be taking the course.

After completing the form, you must have it signed by your academic advisor and the registrar`s office. Once the form is complete, you can then register for the course at the other institution.

How does the consortium agreement affect financial aid?

If you are receiving financial aid at ODU, the consortium agreement may affect your aid. Your financial aid may be adjusted based on the cost of the course at the other institution and the number of credits you will be taking there.

You should also be aware that if you receive financial aid from the other institution, it may be applied to your bill at ODU rather than being sent directly to you.

Final thoughts

The ODU consortium agreement is an important tool for students who need to take courses at another institution. It allows you to continue making progress towards your degree while taking classes that may not be offered at ODU.

If you are considering taking a course at another institution, be sure to complete the consortium agreement form and speak with your academic advisor about how it may affect your financial aid. With careful planning, you can make the most of the ODU consortium agreement and complete your degree on time.